Our Mission

WiXII (Women in Course 12) is dedicated to fostering an environment that respects and supports all members of the EAPS community — including students, staff, faculty, and visitors of all genders, races, ages, sexualities, and abilities — as they further their careers. We serve as an active advocate for women’s and minorities’ rights in the Department, maintaining a space for constructive conversations about equality in academia and the workplace, especially relating to gender and diversity. We envision a respectful, welcoming community that supports the retention and equal treatment of women in all roles in the scientific community and inspires role models for the diverse future generations entering STEM.

Vision Statement

WiXII (Women in Course 12) envisions an equitable society in which citizens of every gender, background, and ability are accorded the resources and opportunities to realize the full scope of their potential, both within STEM and the greater academic community.